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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

You got back to us immediately and was polite n professional.
Brenden A., Customer Since 1/20/2022

Excellent service with good products. I don't have to know insurance - I know my insurance agent. Have
recommended Empire to others.
Customer Since 10/1/2019

Someone is always available to answer my questions when you are open. And always so pleasant!
Customer Since 9/5/2019

Adam and his associates are friendly and courteous and ready to answer any questions one might have.
Customer Since 4/28/2014

Ramie Balen (my agent with Empire) exceeded my expectations. She was very personable and took the
time to understand my specific insurance needs and ensure the correct coverage. Ramie was also quick
to answer questions and return phone calls. I sensed she understands the value of building relationships
with prospective clients. Unlike my experience with other insurance companies where I left feeling
viewed as a case number, Ramie took the time to listen and came across as caring and committed to
helping me secure the best policy possible. l intend to recommend Empire Insurance to other
professionals having similar insurance needs.
Marna G., Customer Since 7/7/2022

Easy to talk to. Always available on phone. Answer all questions.
Craig S., Customer Since 4/5/2019

Always get good service. I just feel like my business is important to EIIA.
Andy R., Customer Since 3/8/2022

Julia was fast in her search for the best insurance and saved me a thousand dollars.
Customer Since 9/6/2022

It was super easy, got a quote Friday, I was insured by Monday. They found me the best price.
Jose O., Customer Since 9/22/2022

Excellent customer service! Reasonable rates!
Customer Since 8/17/2021

No one is ever frustrated with my many questions. Everyone is so friendly and kind!
Heidi O., Customer Since 9/13/2022
When I needed to discontinue a vehicle, it was handled right away!
Customer Since 7/22/2019

Very responsive, creates a plan that meets the needs of their client, trustworthy and reliable!
Nicole R., Customer Since 8/31/2016

Quality of coverage provided by a reputable insurance company (i.e., one that does not have a bad
reputation of challenging claims), and a fair price for that coverage, along with quick answers to
questions when needed.
Marvin H., Customer Since 11/30/2016

Absolutely amazing service and everyone is polite and efficient, easily got me the best rate
Jon H., Customer Since 5/19/2021

Fast and efficient service.
Customer Since 4/7/2022

I’ve been happy with the service and rates for many years. Keep up the good work.
Customer Since 1/6/2017

You guys are the best. Always there when we need you.
Neal N., Customer Since 8/7/2014

You’re all always sooo helpful and take good care of me. Thank you.
Kelli T., Customer Since 1/8/2019

Contacted us to figure out how to bundle insurance policies to get the best price.
Penny H., Customer Since 4/14/2014

Adam Raymond has been my insurance guy for over 30 years. Simply the best, most friendly and
professional service you could ask for! I recommend Empire Independent Insurance Agency to everyone
for their insurance needs.
Steven G., Customer Since 7/14/2014

Responded with material and instructions how to get started. No phone calls no bs just straight to work.
All business, all professionalism all capable and focused on the end goal. I really value this approach
beyond words or measure.
Susan S., Customer Since 6/28/2022

Very Efficient And Affordable
Jerry P., Customer Since 2/8/2022
Insurance can be confusing. It is a relief to just call Ramie and ask my questions. She always answers
politely and efficiently... and she deserves a raise! You can quote me. Valorie
Valorie G., Customer Since 5/29/2014

Always prompt and friendly service! You guys are top of your game and industry and It's always a
pleasure working with you.
Luke K., Customer Since 9/10/2021

We liked how you shopped around and didn't give us one price. We were given different options with
different deductible options. My previous insurance agent just gave us a price without any deductible
options. Thank you
Martin P., Customer Since 3/11/2022

Always available and up to date information. Always trying to improve customer service.
Renee B., Customer Since 7/2/2020
Prompt answers, tailored plans & great customer service. I love the friendly, informative newsletters & I
am a repeat customer. I have referred family to you for insurance & they are happy with your services,
Customer Since 7/7/2020

Your team is always available for any questions I might have. Also I receive friendly reminders if I forget
to pay. Great Customer service.
Hennie M., Customer Since 9/25/2014

We can always count on the team at Empire Independent to take care of all our insurance needs. I
always feel like my personal and business insurance is well taken care of and I don't have to worry about
anything. Thanks!
Cherie R., Customer Since 9/13/2021

You explained why insurance companies cost the way they do and provided specifics.
Customer Since 4/11/2022

Empire Independent has always been so helpful with any questions we have had regarding our
insurance needs
Bob G., Customer Since 5/13/2019

Trust has been built over the years. Adam went to bat for us on a policy to get us a better one years ago
and we still remember that.
Customer Since 3/8/2022
I appreciate that your staff called me back with questions. I know email is convenient, but to have that
personal connection meant more than saving a few dollars with another company. I also appreciate that
a few of our friends recommended you.
Customer Since 5/2/2019

Always get quick answers for my questions and fast follow up from Empire Independent!
Lelita A., Customer Since 8/1/2019

Consistent contact with your customers is a plus. Your rates are fair and are in line with other
Customer Since 8/20/2019

Hi Adam - you understand each client's needs. You anticipated the umbrella that I wanted for uninsured
motorists and delivered on that. When I sent my mom your way, you treated her fairly and with
Customer Since 9/4/2014

I love that any time I have a question or a need, I can get a personal answer right away. I know I can
depend on your team to take care of my insurance needs.
Jennifer C., Customer Since 2/11/2019

Adam is awesome!
Robert M., Customer Since 2/9/2021

Finding the best, least expensive insurance to meet your needs is done for you by Adam & his crew.
They are so helpful.
Customer Since 9/5/2019

We had the easiest and best experience every with Adam and his team. They were friendly, fast, helpful
and saved us alot on our policies and were able to help us get more coverage for our needs for the
money as well. Detailed information and breakdowns to help us understand what our policies really
cover and need to cover to fit best for our family and helping us save money on top was a huge bonus.
Best customer service we have experienced in years. We highly recommend to anyone.
Amy M., Customer Since 2/7/2022

Fast, friendly, and thorough service.
Customer Since 1/16/2019

One word: Ramie.
Customer Since 11/8/2017

Great service! I feel like my business is important to you.
Andy R., Customer Since 3/8/2022
Adam quickly researched out a problem we had with a paper statement not arriving. Because of his
quick research our premium was paid on time.
Customer Since 8/9/2016

I usually deal with Julia and she has always given great customer service, answered all my questions and
helped me with questions.
Customer Since 8/27/2015

You were very quick to respond and helped me get a policy right away. You also helped me get a policy
that looks far better than our previous policy. You were extremely helpful and easy to work with.
Customer Since 11/22/2021

You guys made it super easy for us to get the best and most affordable insurance, just had to provide
some small details and then boom we had a great insurance quote, highly recommend
Jon H., Customer Since 5/19/2021

Quality insurance coverage at a good price with great knowledgable support!
Marvin H., Customer Since 11/30/2016

Adam is wonderful to work with. Once we signed up, we haven’t had any issues. I love the consistency
and great customer service this company provides.
Customer Since 12/14/2017

You are always very responsive and make sure I have whatever I need. And all with a pleasant and
friendly attitude.
Brian C., Customer Since 3/12/2015

The quote we got was quick and explained to us thoroughly. You made getting insurance setup super
easy and the price actually ended up being less than we thought it would be so that was a great surprise.
Customer Since 11/29/2021

Ramie was excellent to deal with great follow up and knowledge of products available.
Rick S., Customer Since 11/22/2022

Continue with your great service.
Customer Since 5/1/2014

I have not interacted with your staff very much, but what contact I did have was excellent -
Customer Since 4/10/2018
You have always gotten me the best rates that are out on the market, you are always available when I
need you with a very quick response, Adam you and your staff have been wonderful to me and my
family and we appreciate your business.
Customer Since 8/22/2018

I like working with Ramie. She is very knowledgeable on coverage issues and policy language, etc. And I
find her work to be thorough and accurate.
Todd W., Customer Since 6/15/2016

Always willing to help and great customer service.
Demetria K., Customer Since 6/20/2016

Professional, timely & friendly service. Great informative newsletter emails, too.
Customer Since 7/7/2020

Adam and the people at Empire Independent Insurance were all personable and nice. Adam made sure
to find the best car insurance policy for my needs.
Customer Since 9/22/2021

Adam & his staff have done a great job finding the right insurance for me. They are friendly to work
with & know the right questions to ask to provide the coverage I need. Couldn't ask for a better
insurance team!
Dennis B., Customer Since 11/7/2020

Your company is always available to assist with any concerns that we may have on a timely basis. We
also receive informative information from your company that keeps us current with any changes.
Hennie M., Customer Since 9/25/2014

Adam worked very hard on getting the lowest insurance quote available. So low that his competitors
were stunned .they could not believe he got it that low thanks again Adam
Todd W., Customer Since 9/27/2021

Empire Independent insurance kept us in the loop and was always eager to answer questions.
Customer Since 3/24/2021

You saved us a lot of money and doing so was quick & easy! Thank you!!
Stacy M., Customer Since 10/25/2021

This agency is always working to find plans that work for their client. They are honest and truly care
about their clients. Whenever I have had a question big or small they answer it right away!
Nicole R., Customer Since 8/31/2016
Empire Independent Insurance continues to be both available and proactive. The times we have needed
help have been met with a quick response and positive attitude. I have the utmost confidence in the
team at Empire.
Customer Since 10/1/2019

Helped with my high-priced fire insurance!
Customer Since 10/15/2019

We can talk with a live person who is always friendly, professional and knowledgeable. if they are
unable to answer our question, they will research and return with answers promptly. We recommend
Empire Independent Insurance!
Customer Since 4/28/2014

You found comprehensive insurance for me after my old insurer ended coverage in California. Your
office is responsive and timely when I have questions. I refer people to you.
Customer Since 1/16/2019

Insurance can be daunting. And we have a lot of rental properties, so it seems like insurance questions
come up continuously. Since we have had our insurance through you, all we have to do is call you and
then you deal with the insurance companies. That is such a relief! Also, we love the idea that you look
over a lot of different companies and choose the best ones for our situations.
Forrest Greek and Valorie McLaughlin, husband and wife.
Valorie G., Customer Since 5/29/2014

Return phone calls. Send me reminders when premiums are due. You are all very nice, very
knowledgeable and probably good-looking too! (So true, Dan, so true! Lol)
Dan S., Customer Since 7/13/2017

You guys totally rock. You're always prompt and on top of things when I need something done. Working
with your team, I know I have no worries at all that my coverage is sufficient and appropriate for my
needs. Plus, being friendly awesome people kinda helps too!
Luke K., Customer Since 9/10/2021
Very personable, friendly and professional
Customer Since 8/4/2021

A live person answers the phone! You have an office and people working! You have answered all my
questions that I have had in the short time that I have been with you. Professional, friendly.
Customer Since 7/2/2020
Your office is always on top of things with fast response time and follow through.
Brian C., Customer Since 3/12/2015

Supplied us with all of our insurance needs, helped us to understand this space, very responsive to our
questions and emails. Thank you!
William S., Customer Since 12/11/2020

Empire Independent Insurance is always careful to make sure we have the best possible policy for our
Cherie R., Customer Since 9/13/2021

We loved working with empire insurance with thier knowledge and experience they offer, request and
changes were done promptly.
When talking with the people at empire you know they care about your business
Wayne T., Customer Since 11/18/2015

Good fast service and good pricing!
Greg S., Customer Since 10/22/2019

Great prices and good customer service !
Betty M., Customer Since 12/18/2017

Great Service. Thank you.
Randy B., Customer Since 10/27/2014

I always get a quick response when I have a question or a change to make. I can trust your team to give
me great advice and great service!
Jennifer C., Customer Since 2/11/2019

Responsive and helpful.
Matthew L., Customer Since 6/20/2019

I received great and rapid response to my requests for information and insurance.
David H., Customer Since 7/30/2021
You show that you care!
Customer Since 9/5/2019
Love the personalized communication and efficient service. Every time I call or get called, you guys make
me feel like I’m your only customer.
Jonathan S., Customer Since 3/24/2021

Prompt Service and Adam you are great in your field and knowledgeable.
Mansi K., Customer Since 6/1/2021

I appreciate the ability to get a hold of Adam Raymond when I have a question and i feel comfortable
calling when I recd a letter regarding the Insurance that I do not quite understand. His secretary is also
very helpful. Happy customers!. :)
Customer Since 4/8/2019

You, Adam, and your team, are prompt, courteous and friendly. More than that, I don't think I've ever
had a phone call go to voicemail or an email not answered the same day. As someone who deals with
businesses frequently, I'm impressed by the response.
Customer Since 1/30/2020

When our homeowner's policy came up for renewal, the pricing jumped horribly. One call to Adam at
Empire Independent Insurance Agency was all it took. Adam found us another insurer with more
reasonable pricing within a day or two. We couldn't be happier with the service we get from Empire
Independent Insurance Agency. All the staff are wonderful to work with! We highly recommend them
for all your insurance needs.
Victoria H., Customer Since 3/2/2015

Great customer service and you guys find the best prices.
Jon H., Customer Since 5/19/2021

We have been with Empire Insurance for quite a while now. Adam and his team have been amazing...
When our son was in a car accident we called Adam and he told us exactly what to do. It was very
comforting to us to know he was available to ask questions. Adam has researched all homeowner
insurance options to help us get the most cost-effective comprehensive coverage. We would
recommend Adam and his team at Empire Insurance for any insurance needs.
Cherie R., Customer Since 9/13/2021

Known Adam for years and he is awesome. Rami is super responsive to me and gets me what I need
quick. Great team and saves me $.
Customer Since 1/6/2017

Everything is always right! Always a pleasure to do business with Empire.
Neal N., Customer Since 8/7/2014
The communication is always on-point, response to all questions is very timely and personable.
Raymond C., Customer Since 7/31/2017

Adam and his team provide personalized and no-stress service. I never have to worry about what's going
on with my insurance with them around. Thanks guys!
Lisa W., Customer Since 1/26/2016

Prompt service. Professional input. Creativity. Current on all insurance matters. Go Adam!
Gerald S., Customer Since 10/15/2019

Quick & courteous responses to questions.
Joseph S., Customer Since 7/6/2016

I am referring people to you. You are responsive and answer my questions.
Customer Since 1/16/2019

Always quick to answer calls. Staff is friendly and courteous.
Customer Since 4/5/2019

One word...RAMIE! She is a delight, always trying to find the best rate on our policies. Don’t let her get
away. Feel free to share with Ramie...we so appreciate her!
Customer Since 11/8/2017

I love the Empire Team! What I love most about the team is that they grow with you and treat you like
you're part of the family! I've been a customer with them since 2015! They started with my auto
insurance and when I bought my 1st home, of course I went back to them! They're all super friendly and
always available to help. They respond within a reasonable time frame and always treat you like you're
the MOST important client even though you know they have a bunch of other people they help as well!
Adam is also very forthright! He will let me know if he can't beat the quote or if the quote given is not
proper coverage. I always feel safe and properly covered after going over the policies with him. Anytime
someone is looking for car or home insurance, I always refer them to Empire Insurance! They are my go
to team!
Jessenia R., Customer Since N/A

You have been very responsive to answer questions. I appreciate the information and not having to
make decisions under pressure. I have enough on my plate and I am not inclined to make good
decisions under pressure so I like to hear the options that help me make the best decision.
Janet M., Customer Since 9/18/2018

You’re always helpful when I need help. Thanks!
Customer Since 2/17/2016
Very professional and a great support staff that always pays attention to your needs. Great Job.
Thomas F., Customer Since 1/9/2014

We love that our insurance is all in one office and that office has knowledge of our affairs. We love that
we can call anytime and you have answers. You know, insurance is intimidating and annoying, so you
break things down for us so easily.
Valorie G., Customer Since 5/29/2014

Everyone has been great. Very responsive any time I’ve had a question.
Lelita A., Customer Since 8/1/2019
Making telephone payments with the office state, reminders for past due, helping coordinate
knowledge and understanding in one place.
Customer Since 5/7/2015

Thank you Adam Raymond for saving us a thousand dollars on our insurance!!
James C., Customer Since 8/5/2020

There's no one I trust more to make sure my home and auto insurance is done right, and at the best
pricing available! Been working with them for years and it's been great. Thanks Empire Independent
Luke K., Customer Since 5/20/2016

Reasonable prices without a lot of red tape (i.e. initial paperwork when joining) Friendly service.
Robert S., Customer Since 8/20/2019

Quick responses to my concerns and reminders when premiums are due
Dan S., Customer Since 7/13/2017
you guys are great and always responsive; really appreciate you!
Jason C., Customer Since 9/3/2019

You guys are the best in CA, the United States and the world! Keep up the good work!
Adam R., Customer Since 4/24/2014

I get great rates and great service. That's what you want from your insurance broker!
Jennifer C., Customer Since 2/11/2019

Very good customer service.
Mohit B., Customer Since 6/11/2015
Everyone in the office is very friendly and helpful.
Customer since 4/12/2018

Your team always answers the phones and responds to any requests very quickly.
Gayle O., Customer Since 4/4/2018

Adam and his team are great to work with. They offer expert advice and great rates. Ramie, my
personal favorite, can always be relied upon to get things done with speed and professionalism. If you
haven't checked them out you are missing out.
Gary W., Customer Since 5/13/2014

Adam Raymond has many years of experience in the insurance industry. For nearly 30 years, I have
been able to depend on Adam for all of my Home and Vehicle insurance needs. He has always been
extremely knowledgeable and readily available to answer any pertinent questions. I always
recommend Empire Independent Insurance Agency to friends and family members because I wish for
them the same friendly and trustworthy service I have enjoyed for most of my adult life.
Steven G., Customer Since 7/14/2014

Mark J., Customer Since 5/20/2020
Agent Ramie has been very straight and to the point, very cordial, and prompt at returning calls. I can't
think of anything at all to improve on.
Wayne E., Customer Since 4/7/2016

You guys are great!
Neal N., Customer Since 8/7/2014

Knowledgeable, person-to-person contact, arranges coverage with dependable insurers at good
premium prices.
Marvin H., Customer Since 11/30/2016

You’ve been creative with getting us fire insurance in the mountains and we’ve enjoyed excellent service
for our auto insurance.
Nathan G., Customer Since 10/22/2019

You did a great job responding to our needs when we were let down by our previous insurance provider.
We never had a gap in coverage and in fact ended up with better coverage at near the same or better
Customer Since 10/22/2019