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Dave McNaughton


Dave is a Southern California native living and working in Huntington Beach, CA. He’s been happily married for 30 years to his best friend and love of his life, Dawna. They have two adult children, Travis, 27, and Madison, 24. Travis is Dave’s business partner and also an Insurance Broker, while Madison works as a local Veterinarian Technician. Dave has a background of 19 years in Law Enforcement, 5 years as a Realtor and Mortgage Loan Officer, and is in his fourth year as an Insurance Broker. Dave’s passion in the Insurance business is assisting his clients in finding the right coverage for their personal situation. His goal is to develop each client/broker relationship he has into a long, mutual fulfilling friendship. Dave loves sports, baseball and football in particular. He’s been an Angels fan since he was young, and he is a diehard USC football fan. He also loves to follow and support Travis and Madison’s high school alma mater, Mater Dei High School’s football team, of which Travis was the MVP in 2006, and Madison was the Cheerleader Captain in 2009.

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